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By , January 14, 2010 4:03 pm

What does a video really mean?  Why tamper with it?  Who tampered with it?  Was it tampered with?  Why not accept a video for what it is?

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  1. National Geographic says:

    In this web video the producer casually dismisses, as did
    the NTSB, the cause of the accident as well described in the book published on this website. Actual picture of the
    cause is seen only a few seconds on this National Geo. video. Another major disappointment that the media steers the public from the real cause of the accident.


    The book -Blazing Alive 785- spells out exactly how the accident occurred proved again by the picture evidence on this video.

    The author flew the aircraft that crashed several weeks in the spring of the year the aircraft crashed. He knew the unique structure issues of Flight 587 -Aircraft 053- well. The author also had flown with Stan Molan who is blamed for the accident. He was as professional as they come. As you will see in the book, he had to deal with a structural failure not caused by turbulence, but caused by fatigue accelerated by a design flaw. This flaw would also contribute to the crash of an Airbus in the Atlantic Ocean years later. Sadly, this accident may have been preventable had the NTSB been able to do their job. Again, the entire process is described in detail in the book -Blazing Alive 785- available on this website.

    More to come…as the company -American Airlines- is now in bankruptcy.

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